is it possible to create and simulate an exosuit in ROS?

asked 2018-12-14 05:50:10 -0500

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I haven't started working with ROS. But i have been doing a lot of reading and if i have understood correctly ROS helps a robot in a simulation environment to communicate with the motion planning software. So if i have a robot in gazebo under real enviromental hazard simulation, path the robot has to follow is programmed by us in some software like MoveIT and interaction between gazebo and moveit is done by ROS. I have seen some examples also but its mostly of mobile robots, drones and humanoid robots. I want to know if it is possible to simulate an exosuit. I saw just one paper related to exosuit and ROS and that is here. But this project already has the prototype exosuit and basically mimics the exosuit movement in ROS.

What i want study is how my exosuit will respond to different enviromental conditions. To be more specific, let's take iron man suit. The helmet part of the suit should open(exosuit reaction) the moment its camera(sensor) sees pepper(certain enviromental conditions). So in tenchnical terms, these enviromental conditons are read by the sensors present in the exosuit based on which he exosuit deploys. Can this kind of exosuit be simulated in ROS?

If yes, Can i place the exoskeleton on the actor(human model) present in gazebo? Can i see the exosuit movement on this actor based on the conditions generated in gazebo? Basically i want to know if my exosuit will work before i go on to create a prototype. Kindly help me with some links which would be helpful for me to carry of these exosuit simulations. Sorry for the long discription and my basic questions.

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