Cannot find python library/module to convert ROS LaserScan data into ROS OccupancyGrid in code

asked 2018-11-28 23:47:36 -0500

sap gravatar image

HI, I am developing a ROS-SLAM based robot using RPi, Ubuntu Mate and ROS Kinetic. I am programming using Python 2.7 as I wish to avail both ros/rospy and native Pi GPIO functionalities. I am using a ydlidar x4 to gather laser scan data. My python code (laser scan publisher node) collects data from lidar and publishes LaserScan message. I am trying to program a subscriber node that subscribes to the LaserScan topic and performs mathematical operations (in python code, not in command line) to create 2d occupancy grid. This node should then publish the occupancy grid as a message that can be used to view map using rviz. I am able to publish and subscribe to LaserScan topic. I am also able to generate a simulated occupancy grid and publish it to an occupancy grid topic viewable in rviz. I am however unable to find a python friendly ROS module that will calculate occupancy grid from laser scan data. Can you please provide suggestions on any python module that will accept laser scan data and generate occupancy grid?

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