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how to define urdf content when robot has rack-gear frame?

asked 2018-11-27 08:30:49 -0500

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updated 2018-11-27 08:45:23 -0500

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I try to make a robot with dynamixel and some kinds of frame which i made.

this robot is some special because I use rack-gear frame and pinion gear in my robot. Like this one :

rack gear

I want to use robot_state_publisher and It use kdl_paser using urdf.

My problem is I don't know How I make urdf file. normally, robot actuators are connect directly using joint or frame. and I already did urdf tutorial, and make some robot arms like open maniulator.

but if world base have rack gear and link1 moves on rack gear, I don't know to define urdf file.

Could I get a solution about this problem? or get a tutorial or insight?

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Have you considered including a 3D mesh file?

the3kr gravatar image the3kr  ( 2018-11-27 09:07:20 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-11-27 11:31:05 -0500

updated 2018-11-27 12:21:47 -0500

This is a standard prismatic joint and is supported by the URDF format as described here.

You will not be representing the movement of the pinion gear itself just the linear motion of the slide. For this joint type the axis represents the direction of the slide as opposed to an axis of rotation and the limits define the end points of the slide in metres.

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