Unable to visualise LaserScan data from ROS Kinetic in Unity

asked 2018-11-21 07:00:30 -0500

curi_ROS gravatar image

I'm new to Unity.I'm trying to view laser scan data from ROS in Unity via the ROS Sharp package provided by Siemens.Eventually i want to be able to view a map being created by a SLAM algorithm. I've setup the RosConnector script along with Laser Scan Subscriber script on unity.When i 'Build and Run' the project, the connection is established with the ROS Master. On the ROS side i see

    [INFO] [1542804151.683906]: Client connected.  1 clients total.
    [INFO] [1542804152.580291]: [Client 1] Subscribed to /scan

But i see no laser scan data on Unity. Maybe i'm missing a target screen or visualisation area that has to be configured in unity? My scene name is SampleScene. It's empty.I find nothing resembling the laser scan data in the Scene tab or in the Game tab. Do i have to setup something else to be able to view scanner and map data ?I see that the Laser Scan Subscriber script already uses the Laser Scan Writer script.Does this not already visualise the scan data?

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