Converting a Robot Model with Parallel Joints from Solidworks to .dae

asked 2018-11-14 15:24:55 -0500

mohamad mahdavian gravatar image


I am trying to import a robot solidworks model into .dae file to be able to see it in openrave and use it in pymanoid package. As I figured out there are different methods for doing such a thing. One of them is using URDF Exporter in solidworks and then using collada_urdf package in ROS( for converting urdf to dae. But URDF doesn't support parallel joints and it makes it impossible to use this method. Another method is to get a urdf file from solidworks and you can convert it to SDF file and then you can add joints to make it parallel. Then you can use "simtrans" package( to convert it to dae file. But it has some warnings such as: WARNING the inertia matrix is far from the values estimated from bounding box of the shapes or WARNING jointId not set and I can't see why do I get these errors and it can't make a proper .dae file.

Can anyone help me for solving the problem of these methods?

Thank You

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