reinstallation of gmapping corrupts costmaps [closed]

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I'm experimenting with ROS Kinetic on an Odroid Xu4, running Ubuntu 16.04, together with an iRobot Create2 and a RPLIDAR A1. My current goal is to build a simple self-navigating robot with the create_autonomy package. For that im using move_base, rplidar and gmapping.

With gmapping installed via sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-gmapping I managed to get reasonable outputs for laser, map and costmaps in rviz. But when I tried to set a 2D Nav Goal I got transform require extrapolation into the future and global frame: odom plan frame size 2: map errors.

Following the tips here and here I purged the gmapping package and reinstalled it via git clone from github to my catkin ws. Before building with catkin it I changed the ros::Time(0) parts in slam_gmapping.cpp.

As a result I now have no information in the costmap-topics, while /map and /rplidar_scan are working perfectly fine.

I did no changes to my launchfile or my other configs, my tf-tree hasn't changed too.

I have absolutely no idea whats going wrong and just overwhelmed by the complexity of ROS (I'm playing only since a few months with it). Has someone an idea whats the problem with my setup? Or did a make a general mistake?

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