moveit - mechanism contains mimic and passive joints - couldn't initiate the solver.

asked 2018-11-13 10:08:21 -0500

BhanuKiran.Chaluvadi gravatar image


I am trying to use moveit to solve inverse kinematics. In my mechanism there are both mimic joints(just mimics another joint) as well as passive joints(doesn't mimic any joint and also it doesn't have any active control) .

While running moveit! Setup assistant 1. In Add Planning group tab: In any of the created planning groups should I need to add both mimic and passive joint or just the active control joints should be added ? 2. In Add passive joints tabs : Is passive joint different from mimic joint ? or are they same for the moveit ? 3. When i tried some ransom stuff i have this error

Group 'my_arm' is not a chain
Kinematics solver of type 'kdl_kinematics_plugin/KDLKinematicsPlugin' could not be initialized for group 'my_arm' Kinematics solver could not be instantiated for joint group  my_arm.


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As far as I know Moveit, only works with linear chains of joints, trees and loops are not supported. Can you represent your arm without using the passive joints?

PeteBlackerThe3rd gravatar image PeteBlackerThe3rd  ( 2018-11-13 10:13:05 -0500 )edit

Do u mean with out passive joint or mimic joint ? Rviz is able to load URDF model and all the active joint can be moved and performing as expected. There are no loops in the mechanism. I managed to remove them by mimicking the joints. I tried remove the passive link from the mechanism but no luck.

BhanuKiran.Chaluvadi gravatar image BhanuKiran.Chaluvadi  ( 2018-11-14 01:45:30 -0500 )edit