Localization through over head camera

asked 2018-11-11 11:03:02 -0500

hassamsheikh1 gravatar image

HI, I am trying to make JACKAL follow a trajectory i.e set of coordinates but I am trying to track the location with an overhead camera. I initially looked at the move_base tutorial. I found out that, it uses the /odometry/filtered + other sensor data for localization and then publishes on cmd_vel. I made changes to the robot_localization package and stopped the ekf_localization_node to stop publishing on /odometry/filtered and tried publishing on /odometery/filtered on a node that I created (with camera data)so that move_base can get data from my /odometey/filtered topic. It does not work. I am not looking for anything fancy or robust. No collision or obstacle detection is required

Can someone please guide me what to do here. I am really stuck here.

I am using ROS-Kinetic and writing code in ROSPY

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