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Mysteries of the skeleton trackers

asked 2018-11-07 03:12:06 -0500

felixd gravatar image

Hey folks,

we are currently looking for a skeleton tracker we can use in our ROS project. We found these

  • skeleton_markers -> works only with indigo, not with kinetic and is in “end-of-life”
  • openni_tracker -> does not even work with indigo
  • other stuff like the Chaos84/skeleton_tracker are oftern many years old as well and very poorly documented

What happened to them? Did they simply get out of fashion because something else replaced them or some companies bought some technologies (Apple)?

Do you know of a well maintained skeleton tracker already integrated in ROS or outside?


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Hi felixd, Did you find something ?

alterf gravatar image alterf  ( 2019-03-19 04:53:46 -0500 )edit

@alterf Yeah, please see below.

felixd gravatar image felixd  ( 2019-04-05 09:33:16 -0500 )edit

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answered 2019-04-05 09:32:53 -0500

felixd gravatar image

We finally ended up using the concepts openni2_tracker but had to heavily modify (=rewrite) it, since the code was so bad. Unfortunately I cannot release it publicly since I do not have the required rights to do so.

(Sorry for the late answer, I was very busy.)

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