youbot No etherCAT connection found! no ethercat slaves could be found

asked 2018-11-05 13:34:52 -0600

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I can control my youbot arms withour problems since a month. but today one I ran the

roslaunch youbot_driver_ros_interface youbot_driver.launch

those erros popped out.

I am using the driver and the ros interface from mas-group.

I have went through the debugging ways suggested in the youbot wiki website but none worked. So I think that might be a hardware problem of the youbot arms/joints. and the wiki documentation is not clear on how to fix the errors if the hard stop or soft stop jumper is disconnected. Hope someone with experience before can help me on thie error.

Thank you.

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Hi! I have the same EtherCat problem, did you managed to resolve it?

tr19 gravatar image tr19  ( 2019-07-31 06:46:52 -0600 )edit