Configure Kinova Arm for MoveGroup

asked 2018-11-02 13:01:38 -0500

ebeowulf gravatar image

I have a Kinova Mico2 arm. The kinova_ros package works just fine... MoveGroup is launched with my Mico arm configured, RViz starts up, and, using the MotionPlanning widget, I can generate plans and move the arm. But when I want to programmatically control the robot (using moveit_commander in python or the MoveGroup interface in c++), I run into problems.

rosrun moveit_commander Then in python I run: use arm Replace 'MoveGroupExecuteService' with 'MoveGroupExecuteTrajectoryAction' in move_group.launch OK arm> rec c Check clock synchronization if your are running ROS across multiple machines! Remembered current joint values under the name c

Since things work in RViz, I'm reasonably certain I need to change one or more configuration parameters to make this happen... but I'm not sure what. One thing I have noticed is that the robot drivers do not publish on /joint_states. Then instead publish on /m1n6s200_driver/out/joint_state, but how can I redirect the topic into a python program? And what about the rest of the topics - e.g. publishing planning_space and everything else?

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