Ideal acuator on gazebo, Is it possible?

asked 2018-10-10 20:34:28 -0600

HSG gravatar image

I'm making human movement(gait, ascend stair etc...) simulation based on data to augment data.

Using URDF and ros_control, I modeling human and actuate human joints.

The problem is, there is error on joints so human fall in right stand position.

I'm just want to make human moving based on given data value.

I think there is two ways,

  1. There is a PID controller in ros_control pacakage, so tuning PID gain

  2. Find the way to make ideal actuator. (I think in human model, this is the best way)

Can i makes ideal actuator on gazebo simulation? or any other solution?

I'm using ros kinetic, and gazebo 7.

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