sbpl_lattice_planner fails to find solution on Odroid-xu4

asked 2018-09-12 06:16:42 -0500

mulo01 gravatar image

Hi all,

I am using sbpl_lattice_planner for an autonomous vehicale. I use pose_follower as a local planner. The issue I am facing is that the planner works fine on my desktop. I can send muliple goals using RViz and sbpl_lattice_planner plans everytime. If I shift the same code to my Odroid-xu4, sbpl_lattice_planner sometimes plans and most of the time gives the following error:

I have set the following parameters for sbpl:

SBPLLatticePlanner: environment_type: XYThetaLattice planner_type: ARAPlanner allocated_time: 60.0 initial_epsilon: 3.0 forward_search: false

The planner gives the "Solution Not Found" after a few seconds and does not take the full 60 seconds to find a plan. This is confusing because it works perfectly on my desktop and not on the odroid.

Can someone give me a hint to a possible solution to this issue?


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