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RVIZ- For frame [base_laser_link]: Fixed Frame [map] does not exist

asked 2018-09-08 02:05:10 -0600

naveenk.medi gravatar image

updated 2018-09-08 02:05:54 -0600

I've been going through Laser Scan Data tutorial.

I ran the command $rosbag play Mapping1.bag. I could see the /base_scan among the rostopic list and echo it to the console. But I am unable to view it on rviz.

I ran $rosrun rviz rviz and added display /base_scan/LaserScan.

RVIZ is showing Global status warning Fixed Frame - No tf data. Actual error: Fixed Frame [map] does not exist and status error For frame [base_laser_link]: Fixed Frame [map] does not exist. How can I fix this?

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answered 2018-09-08 10:03:52 -0600

pcoenen gravatar image

The robot system has no transform data between the map frame and your robot frames. You would need some form of odometry or a transform publisher to see your laser scans in the map frame.

To find out which frame your scan is published in, have a look at the frame_id in your /base_scan message. The message is probably too long or fast to see the header data inside your terminal, so pipe it to less:

rostopic echo /base_scan | less

Based on your status error I'm guessing the frame_id is base_laser_link. To view your laser scan change the RViz Fixed Frame to that (or any frame connected to it in the tf tree).

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