rosserial_client link headers from another ros package

asked 2018-08-27 08:30:41 -0600

jay gravatar image

I created a arduino code using the rosserial_client using the following tutorial I am able to compile and flash the code to my Arduino mega.

Now I am trying to link headers from one ros package which is created by me to the arduino code inside the firmware folder. I added this package as dependency in package.xml and the main CMakeLists.txt using find_packages(). But I am not able to link the headers to the Arduino code since it is build from the second CMakeLists,txt inside firmware folder.

I found lot of tutorials for adding custom message headers to ros Arduino. But couldn't find how to link other header files to Arduino code.

I can do it by adding the absolute oath of headers using include_directories() which is not a good method.

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