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Cannot use rosserial_server [closed]

asked 2018-07-11 22:42:53 -0500

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updated 2018-07-12 00:48:37 -0500

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I want to use rosserial_server for high speed communication.

But, I use rosserial_server serial_node.cpp

$ rosrun rosserial _server serial_node

I get the error message

[INFO] [1531356226.107258127] Opened /dev/ttyACM0

[WARN] [1531356226.117567124] Socket asio error, closing socket: asio.misc:2

[INFO] [1531356228.108342967] Opened /dev/ttyACM0

[WARN] [1531356228.119077841] Socket asio error, closing socket: asio.misc:2


So,What do I do to solve this error?

(I use Ubuntu16.04LTS,kinetic,ros_lib_kinetic)

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answered 2018-07-12 10:06:18 -0500

takijo gravatar image

According to rreignier

"reboot the computer and do not use rosserial_python before to avoid any conflict in the serial port communication"

I can use rosserial_server by this way.

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