Need detailed Objective-C code to create tokens [closed]

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I require detailed Objective-C code (.h and .m lines of code) to create tokens (rounded blue box around text) as a user types text in iPhone UITextField. As the user types, the code should look ahead to present options from the data source. My data source will be the iPhone address book. I would be happy with looking up against a Set or Array or any other simple data source.

I have searched long and hard, including Apple documentation and have been unable to find code that works for iPhone. I have seen mention of NSTokenField but that seems to only work for Mac desktop applications. I tried to find an iPhone delegate of NSTokenField, but things like NSTokenFieldDelegate appear to only work for Mac desktop applications. If I'm wrong, then again, detailed code would be helpful.

Note, I do not want to import any other code libraries since I'm trying to keep this application as small as possible with minimal (no) external dependencies.

Thanks in advance.

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Look for an ios/objective-c forum, this is about ROS.

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