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Writing a new motion planner

asked 2012-03-12 12:03:09 -0600

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updated 2014-01-28 17:11:37 -0600

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I am writing my own planner , called SplineBasedPlanner . It takes in a set of waypoints, and interpolates them with a special kind of spline (not the ones already implemented by ROS). The spline is designed so that a vehicle ,whose params are specified in config files, can traverse the spline smoothly. I want this to plug into move_base.

However, I am confused about what kind of interface (i.e. API) I should provide to do so. Should SplineBasedPlanner resemble base_local_planner's interface? Or should it be more like TrajectoryPlanner? Are there multiple choices?

I'll be glad to provide more specific information if needed.

Update 1: From responses below , I really want both both local and global versions for the SplineBasedPlanner.

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Is this planner targeted towards generating trajectories from one waypoint to next waypoint?? As DimitriProsser explained below, it is not clear.

prince gravatar image prince  ( 2012-03-13 17:51:13 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-03-13 03:33:41 -0600

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The base_global_planner is responsible for drawing paths to the goal and around obstacles, while the base_local_planner is responsible for calculating trajectories and issuing cmd_vel messages in order to achieve the plan drawn by the base_global_planner.

Based on what you've written, it's not entirely clear what category your planner would fall into. I'm going to guess and say that you want to adhere to the base_local_planner interface (TrajectoryPlannerROS), but you'd know better than me. Which of these two do you think it fits better?

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