Does rosserial_mbed support SPI interface?

asked 2018-06-18 12:59:16 -0500

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I have a program that could build and run successfully on mbed with online compiler, which is a simple SPI interface communication with serial output.

After tested on mbed, i want to run this SPI code on rosserial mbed:

  1. I copied the SPI communication code which only use mbed.h SPI functions
  2. I included this SPI class file and h file into a rosserial mbed example project directory, with proper int message
  3. I could build this message -> SPI code successfully, and uploaded to my mcu, and it runs (LED on was OK)
  4. >>>Here's the wired part, I could not read any clock or mosi/miso signal on my logic, and msg output was a consistent random number every time rebuild the project.

My question is: I have not required programming knowledge to read and understand the whole stack of rosserial implementation, so i have to ask if doing by so (importing SPI from mbed) is not doable due to: 1. current implementation of rosserial is not supported 2. my makefile/package.xml/Cmake need to be modified from /rosserial_mbed/example stock configuration?

Thanks in advance.

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