sicknav350 ros driver question

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Hello there, this question is from this article: link text

The code ran fine on 64 bit Ubuntu on a X86 platform, however I'm now using it in ros on the Firefly RK3399 it's an arm based SBC.

I cloned in the git files and did a catkin_cmake all went well. It's when I tried to connect to the nav350 that it fails to do so.

It will not connect to it on the Firefly, it's almost like it not even plugged into the rj45 connector. I'm guessing that maybe the arm architecture is not the same. Is it possible to change this existing code to work on the arm architecture?

Anybody know where to start?



Hello again, I went through the code a bit I opened sickException.hh and I think this is where it is occurring as the error is identical with what I get on the screen which is, "I/O exception -sicknavv350::_setupConnection: select() failed!

I get that error twice in a row, the reason given is: /** * \class SickIOException * \brief Thrown instance where the driver can't * read,write,drain,flush,... the buffers */ which confirms my thinking It can't connect.

Now, given this runs on the the Ubunu 64 bit x68 very well, I would think the code is OK to use.

I had re-did the catkin_make on the firefly, since it's on the arm already would it not build it with the right libraries in the first place?


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