Fail: ABORTED: No motion plan found. No execution attempted

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I added the script move_group_interface_tutorial.cpp from the MoveIt! kinetic doc into my package and am slightly modifying it to my purposes. It does work because hopefully the first move implemented inside worked for my robot (but i'm sad because i also have

[WARN] Topic '/rviz_visual_tools' unable to connect to any subscribers within 0.5 sec. It is possible initially published visual messages will be lost.

but whatever because using position goals instead of pose goals enable the possibility to show frame markers so it's not that important...).

However now that i ask him to go somewhere he doesn't want. Even if i use SetPositionTarget(x,y,z). The planner i am using is OMPL, with no alternative available into the RViz interface (it used to have several choices like KDL or things like that when i first discovered this software but not anymore... did i touch something?). The ros-industrial tutorial website affirms that IKFast is more flexible as it finds solutions even without specifying an end effector pose. However i read somewhere that IKFast use analytical inverse matrices and hence the limit is fixed to 6DoF robots (mine is 9).

(The "somewhere" i'm talking about does belong to his reachable space, since it's a point in the center of the surface of the most little box in the foreground) Please see the screenshot

So what should i try ?

By thanking you in advance.

edit1 : here it is removed but i know how to re-add the motion planning pannel, but really the drop down menu only proposes to me OMPL.

edit2 : even adding

move_group.setPlanningTime(10); // and (30)

into my script results in a failure...

edit3 : While making it in a cleaner way as explained here :, the error becoms now :

[WARN]: Fail: ABORTED: Unknown event
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