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How to implement calibration algorithm for camera?

asked 2018-06-03 16:27:14 -0500

lakshmidnair99 gravatar image

How do I 'implement' a new calibration algorithm for kinect camera of my robot? Should I create a new node for this? I'm new to ROS so would appreciate assistance:)

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answered 2018-06-04 02:24:35 -0500

Markus gravatar image

I would advise you some starting nodes from the internet:

1) Do you wanna do intrinsic or extrinsic calibration?

2) Intrinsic calibration has to be done first!

-> Do you wanna do it with arucu markers (the aruco markers lib or a aruco marker to ros bridge is required)

-> Do you wanna do it with a checkerboard see here:

3) Exrinsic camera calibration.

-> option with ros industrial see here:

-> do it with arucu markers see here: , is what I use

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