Tired surrendering, latest Kinect Openni on ROS? [closed]

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I am learning to use Ubuntu and ROS for a few weeks now. My target hardware platform comprises iRobot Create and Kinect. Current openni_kinect api in ROS requires us to surrender to the robot before it can detect our skeleton. Being the only one working on it, my colleagues must be wondering what's wrong with me. The latest Openni api (tested it on Windows) does not require calibration pose. I am hoping to find some help here with regards to:

  1. How can we use latest Openni in ROS? Is it available that I am not aware?
  2. If I want to experiment on latest Openni api in Ubuntu (if it can't be used in ROS yet), will that interfere with the driver I have installed in ROS? At the moment, I don't dare to install the latest Openni/nite in my Ubuntu. Currently spending most of the time fixing rosmake errors.

Thank you.

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