rosrun gazebo spawn_model -file 'pwd'/object.urdf -urdf -z 1 -model my_object

asked 2018-05-02 13:37:23 -0500

ju78iklo9 gravatar image

I launched gazebo successfully with this command: "roslaunch gazebo_ros empty_world.launch"

In a second terminal window I launch this" ""rosrun gazebo spawn_model -file 'pwd'/object.urdf -urdf -z 1 -model my_object" If I run the above in my catkin_ws/src directory (which has object.urdf in it) I'll get this error: "[rospack] Error: package 'gazebo' not found"

Bear in mind that gazebo simulator is running behind my terminal windows, all ok. I just want to put a sample object.urdf (a simple box) in the simulation. This instruction is from "Creating and Spawning Custom URDF Objects in Simulation" I am running kinetic on ubuntu 16.04 quad processor box.

Issuing the command "echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH" gives this: /home/ju78iklo9/catkin_ws/src:/opt/ros/kinetic/share

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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