How to solve 'ROSException: Could not find IK with pr2_left_arm_kinematics'? [closed]

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I followed aaai_lfd_demo doc. When I run

  export ROBOT=sim
  rosrun openloop_object_manipulation

It shows:

   val: -28
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File      "/opt/ros/electric/stacks/common/actionlib/src/actionlib/simple_action_server.p     y", line 294, in executeLoop
   File      "/home/sam/code/ros/manipulation/aaai/aaai_lfd_demo/openloop_object_man     ipulation/scripts/", line 150, in manipulation_cb
     self.pick(goal, object)
   File      "/home/sam/code/ros/manipulation/aaai/aaai_lfd_demo/openloop_object_man     ipulation/scripts/", line 77, in pick
     arm.goToPose(position, orientation, "torso_lift_link",2.0)
   File      "/home/sam/code/ros/manipulation/aaai/lib/simple_robot_control/src/simple_r     obot_control/", line 193, in goToPose
     ik  = self.getIK(pose, self.side+"_wrist_roll_link", seed_angles)
   File      "/home/sam/code/ros/manipulation/aaai/lib/simple_robot_control/src/simple_r     obot_control/", line 128, in getIK
     raise rospy.exceptions.ROSException("Could not find IK with " + self.ikPath      + "\n\n" + ikres.__str__())
 ROSException: Could not find IK with pr2_right_arm_kinematics

Then I try to execute

  roslaunch aaai_lfd_demo_launch aaai_lfd_executive.launch

PR2 begin to move from one place to another place but without any grasping.

How to solve it?

Thank you~

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