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how to use the remapping syntax

asked 2012-03-01 10:52:54 -0500

cassander gravatar image

updated 2012-03-01 11:01:03 -0500

Eric Perko gravatar image

From some of the other question I realized it is possible to remap the namespace of node on the command line using rosrun. But it is not working for me..

The syntax i tried is ,

rosrun somepkg somenode:="new_namespace/"

and many other variations of it.

Could someone please tell me what is the correct way to remap a node to another name space on the command line while using rosrun?

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-03-01 11:00:44 -0500

Eric Perko gravatar image

You can only use remapping arguments (the := syntax) for parameters and topics. If you want to push a node into a namespace on the command-line, you would do it like so:

$ ROS_NAMESPACE=new_namespace rosrun somepkg somenode

This will force somenode to be in the new_namespace namespace.

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answered 2012-03-01 11:03:06 -0500

dornhege gravatar image

Look at:

I'm not sure if you maybe want to only change the __name but not the namespace.

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actually.. im looking to only change the namespace.. Maybe that is why the command I tried did not work..

cassander gravatar image cassander  ( 2012-03-02 06:32:29 -0500 )edit

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