controller_joint_names param joint-order for Motoman Driver nodes?

asked 2018-04-15 17:23:25 -0500

Good day, we are integrating the CSDA10F motoman robot with ros for real hardware operation. We have custom joint names defined for our robot (non ROS standard naming). And the motoman_driver nodes require to know this naming convention to map correctly the motion groups on the robot controller.

The question is: How and where is defined the correct ordering of joints in the controller_joint_names parameter?.

The controller_joint_names parameter is used by the robot_state_interface and joint_trajectory_interface nodes from the motoman_driver package, nevertheless I haven't found documentation about its definition, specifically for a dual arm robot like the CSDA10F where an ordering "from base to tip" is relative.

This is our definition of the controller_joint_names parameter:

controller_joint_names: ['arm_left_joint_1_s','arm_left_joint_2_l','arm_left_joint_3_e'

Our joints have a prefix to specify from which arm are they (e.g. right: arm_right) for each of the 7 joints in each arm. And then we have the two torso joints (one mimics the other, i.g. it is only one).

And here you can find our robot support package: motoman_csda10f_support.

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