Moveit! interactive marker is not appearing

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I am running ROS kinetic using rviz version 1.12.15 on Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (and kernal name 4.13.0-32-generic).

I am following the moveit! Rviz plugin tutorial with PR2 here. I used the setup assistant tutorial here to generate the package.

When I launch the generated package using roslaunch pr2_moveit_config demo.launch, The interact tool will not appear, nor will the interactive markers on the robot. Even when the interactive tool is pressed, the cursor stays as the camera.

I have read previous posts on this topic, such as making sure the end effector is correctly defined and adding a kinematic chain, but these do not seem to resolve my issue. In fact, very few tutorials I've seen have consistent steps for the moveit! setup assistant.

I also followed a tutorial on youtube ( by stephen zuccaro, who uses a vastly simpler robot URDF to generate a package. It still runs into the same issue when I try running demo.launch with this.

Does anyone know why this is an issue? Why doesn't the interactive marker appear? Are there any correct tutorials I can follow to get a working demo?

For simplicity, I have attached the console output when I open the package generated using the simple URDF in stephen zuccaro's tutorial:

robert:src$ roslaunch moveit_abb_mobile demo.launch 
... logging to /home/robert/.ros/log/268f8cc8-31c0-11e8-9b2a-c48e8ffa900d/roslaunch-robert-XPS-13-9343-13293.log
Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

started roslaunch server http://robert-XPS-13-9343:38931/


 * /joint_state_publisher/use_gui: False
 * /move_group/allow_trajectory_execution: True
 * /move_group/arm/longest_valid_segment_fraction: 0.005
 * /move_group/arm/planner_configs: ['SBLkConfigDefau...
 * /move_group/arm/projection_evaluator: joints(joint_1,jo...
 * /move_group/controller_list: [{'joints': ['joi...
 * /move_group/gripping_tool/planner_configs: ['SBLkConfigDefau...
 * /move_group/jiggle_fraction: 0.05
 * /move_group/max_range: 5.0
 * /move_group/max_safe_path_cost: 1
 * /move_group/moveit_controller_manager: moveit_fake_contr...
 * /move_group/moveit_manage_controllers: True
 * /move_group/octomap_resolution: 0.025
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/balanced: 0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/cache_cc: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/extended_fmt: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/heuristics: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/nearest_k: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/num_samples: 1000
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/optimality: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/radius_multiplier: 1.0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BFMTkConfigDefault/type: geometric::BFMT
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BKPIECEkConfigDefault/border_fraction: 0.9
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BKPIECEkConfigDefault/failed_expansion_score_factor: 0.5
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BKPIECEkConfigDefault/min_valid_path_fraction: 0.5
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BKPIECEkConfigDefault/range: 0.0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BKPIECEkConfigDefault/type: geometric::BKPIECE
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiESTkConfigDefault/range: 0.0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiESTkConfigDefault/type: geometric::BiEST
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/cost_threshold: 1e300
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/frountier_node_ratio: 0.1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/frountier_threshold: 0.0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/init_temperature: 100
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/range: 0.0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/temp_change_factor: 0.1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/BiTRRTkConfigDefault/type: geometric::BiTRRT
 * /move_group/planner_configs/ESTkConfigDefault/goal_bias: 0.05
 * /move_group/planner_configs/ESTkConfigDefault/range: 0.0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/ESTkConfigDefault/type: geometric::EST
 * /move_group/planner_configs/FMTkConfigDefault/cache_cc: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/FMTkConfigDefault/extended_fmt: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/FMTkConfigDefault/heuristics: 0
 * /move_group/planner_configs/FMTkConfigDefault/nearest_k: 1
 * /move_group/planner_configs/FMTkConfigDefault/num_samples: 1000
 * /move_group/planner_configs/FMTkConfigDefault/radius_multiplier: 1.1
 * /move_group ...
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We're probably going to at least need the console output that you see scrolling by when you start roslaunch $pkg demo.launch. Please use the edit button for that, and use the Preformatted Text button (the one with 101010 on it) to format things properly.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2018-03-27 10:36:02 -0500 )edit

I added the console output for the simpler URDF package generation (from stephen zuccaro's youtube tutorial) to my initial question. Let me know if this is helpful. I can also put the console output for PR2 tutorial if that would be useful.

RobotRob gravatar image RobotRob  ( 2018-03-27 11:47:51 -0500 )edit

I don't see any updates?

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2018-03-27 11:49:30 -0500 )edit

Didn't press save on the update, oops. Now it's up.

RobotRob gravatar image RobotRob  ( 2018-03-27 13:15:03 -0500 )edit

Any resolution to this? I'm seeing something similar with the Melodic tutorial.

Rud gravatar image Rud  ( 2019-02-27 22:42:54 -0500 )edit

I did not figure out a solution.

RobotRob gravatar image RobotRob  ( 2019-02-28 11:49:17 -0500 )edit