ROS remote: Communication with node failed

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i'm using a real world jackal and my Laptop as remote machine. Laptop runs Ubuntu 14.04, so as the computer on the jackal (ROS_Distro=indigo). I followed the tutorial , i can list all the topics but i can't echo anything.

rosnode info rosout tells me "ERROR: Communication with node[] failed!

I set the variables like so:

Laptop's bashrc: export $ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<Jackal_IP>:11311 and export $ROS_IP=<Laptop_IP>.

Jackal's bashrc: export $ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<Jackal_IP>:11311 and export $ROS_IP=<Jackal_IP>.

I did list the jackal hostname in etc/hosts file in the laptops file system.

I need to mention that ifconfig @jackals_mashine shows me wlan0-ip: 172.xx.xx.26 AND br0-ip:

My Laptop is in the same network as the jackal (wlan0-ip: 172.xx.xx.28)

Nodes-ip are in the br0 network-space (see error msg above), how can i forward them and echo them from remote mashine (laptop)?

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