cannot create file in eclipse under src folder

asked 2018-02-19 11:59:25 -0500

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Hello to everyone, I just installed Eclipse as my IDE for ROS following the tutorial found here . In the beggining and as I understoode from the tutorial in imported my build folder from my workspace. But because I was not able to found the source code i Imported the src folder. Apart from the Now I an able to find my packages but when I right click on them there are no options for creating class,header,source file etc. My workspace is inside the turtlebot folder so there are many packages there. In some of them you can create new files and in properties are marked as "project" while in other(like mine) you cannot and are marked as "folder". The problem is that I can make catkin_make. .Has anyone ever faced this difficulty and could give me some help? I attach the photos of my repository and of the eclipse workspace left click on my project Thank you in advance

image description

image description

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