I am trying to mark locations on a map in an automated manner!

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The above is a link to a very powerful Image classifier using Deep learning . I have managed to perform Gmapping on our robot and its generating a very reliable map .

I need to know how i can automate the process of marking locations on map .

Using the current position and pose from the /odom topic , when a desired object is detected in the frame , robots current location is marked in the map with the name of the detected object .

The idea is to use something like this in, say , supermarkets . A robot running Gmapping and a good robust image classifier like darknet can keep updating the location of different items .

*So essentially i am seeking for a python script which can mark name tags on the current position/ anypositon on the map* **

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did you find a solution or package for this? this is exactly what i was aiming to do in my project too.

crystal.dev gravatar image crystal.dev  ( 2022-10-05 19:45:05 -0600 )edit