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how to change the publishing rate of /fix topic in nmea_navsat_driver package

asked 2018-02-08 07:29:59 -0500

wawa gravatar image

In nmea_navsat_driver package nmea_navsat-driver.
I have noticed that the publishing rate of /fix is about 1 Hz, but I want to make it faster than 1 Hz.
In its python code, it does not specify the rospy.Rate(), I want know how to change rate the /fix topic.

actually I have tried to add rate = rosy.Rate() for the while loop, but it did not work.

is there anybody who can help me!! thank u!!

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GPS = serial.Serial(port=serial_port, baudrate=serial_baud, timeout=2) driver = libnmea_navsat_driver.driver.RosNMEADriver() while not rospy.is_shutdown(): data = GPS.readline().strip() try: driver.add_sentence(data, frame_id)

wawa gravatar image wawa  ( 2018-02-08 08:35:57 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-02-08 13:58:42 -0500

tfoote gravatar image

The driver you have linked to publishes one fix for each sentence received. If you want more faster fix updates you will need to update your GPS settings to output NMEA updates more frequently.

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ok. in the data sheet of GPS, it writes that I can change the updating rate of NMEA, dose the updating rate of NMEA means the output frequency?

wawa gravatar image wawa  ( 2018-02-10 15:31:05 -0500 )edit

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