Convert depth_registered and RGB image to pointcloud

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What I want to do is getting pointcloud from the depth_registered and RGB image that I publish on the topics. I already succeed in publishing depth_registration and RGB images on /depth_registered and /rgb topics. Next step should be using depth_image_proc package to convert them to pointcloud. I found an example launch file for running depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyzrgb.

 <!-- Nodelet manager for this pipeline -->
<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" args="manager" name="depth_transforms_manager" output="screen"/>

 <!-- Convert to point cloud -->
<node pkg="nodelet" type="nodelet" name="cloudify"
args="load depth_image_proc/point_cloud_xyzrgb depth_transforms_manager --no-bond">

    <!-- Input: Rectified depth image, registered to the RGB camera. -->
    <remap from="depth_registered/image_rect" to="depth_registered"/> 
    <!-- Input: Rectified color image. -->
    <remap from="rgb/image_rect_color" to="rgb"/> 
    <!-- Input: Camera calibration and metadata. --> 
    <remap from="rgb/camera_info" to="camera/rgb/camera_info"/>
    <!-- Output: XYZRGB point cloud. -->
    <!-- <remap from="depth_registered/points" to="depth_registered/pointscloud2"/> -->

The problem there is no pointcloud published on the specific topic. I suspend that may be because I have no camera calibration info of my camera hence I directly subscribe the topic that freenect_camera uses. I am not sure whether there is a problem if I run node of depth_image_proc and freenect_launch at the same time. Then I want to debug the code to find out where the problem. I wonder which file is the manager file that manges point_cloud_xyzrgb.cpp. I found after I subscribe the topic of point cloud, it did come into the connectCb function but won't come further into imageCb and convert functions. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Did you ever solve the problem? I'm having similar issues.

ZeroSan gravatar image ZeroSan  ( 2019-03-25 12:44:10 -0600 )edit