Turtlebot_follower is not subscribing or publishing any topic.

asked 2018-01-17 03:57:37 -0600

Kishore Kumar gravatar image

updated 2018-01-17 13:34:28 -0600

I am trying to use the turtlebot_follower for one of my project. When launch the turtlebot follower with the command

roslaunch turtlebot_follower follower.launch

I can find the node turtlebot_follower in list and also when i read the code in follower.cppit subscribes dept_image and publishes cmd_vel but the node is not actually subscribing or publishing anything. How can i get around this?

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Maybe the topics are being remapped on the follower.launch file.

After running that launch file you can rosnode info /turtlebot_follower to see in which topics it advertises and subscribes.

Ruben Alves gravatar image Ruben Alves  ( 2018-01-19 13:52:42 -0600 )edit

@Kishore Kumar Is this still an open question or you solved it?

destogl gravatar image destogl  ( 2018-07-26 01:54:07 -0600 )edit