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How do you integrate IMU data with odom data generated from Gazebo Skid Steer Plugin?

asked 2018-01-03 11:22:40 -0600

cmk_bama gravatar image

I have gmapping working with a skid steer robot while utilizing the Gazebo skid steer plugin to actuate and control my robot. I am attempting to add an IMU and fuse the data from that sensor with the odom data currently being used to achieve the SLAM. Should I implement this similar to that of husky and other "skid steer" robots? Or is there another way to go about this since I am using the Gazebo controller plugin? My main issue is that I am using the actual skid steer plugin whereas they use joint state controllers and cater differential drive to achieve the skid steering.

I attempted to implement a localization.yaml and control.yaml similar to the husky robot and use the robot_localization package to fuse the data however I am confused about how to write the control.yaml. Mainly not sure what to replace the "diff_drive_controller" with under type.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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answered 2018-11-26 03:57:57 -0600

Tom Moore gravatar image

Your controller is likely outputting a nav_msgs/Odometry message. You ought to be able to use the same parameters for the EKF that the stock Husky configuration uses, except you need to point the odometry topic at your controller's output, rather than whatever the diff_drive_controller was outputting.

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