Rtabmap for ros adjust navigation parameters/ Turtlebot driving in circles

asked 2018-01-03 08:08:08 -0500

Baumboon gravatar image

updated 2018-01-03 11:57:23 -0500

Hello Guys,

First of all i describe my system:

Using ubuntu 16.04 with ros kinetic and gazebo 7.0.

I am using rtabmap for ros to create a map for my turtlebot. After i made a map i use rtabmap localization mode to navigate my turtlebot. If i want to drive to a specific point the robot drives the first time straight forward to the point.

Here how i start the map:

roslaunch rtabmap_ros demo_turtlebot_mapping.launch simulation:=true localization:=true

So if i want to drive to a second point after this the turtlebot needs more time to reach it because he drives in circles to the point even if there is no object near him that could be a threat for collision. So is there a way to adjust this navigation ? So maybe that the turtlebot ignore object for collision and drives straight to the positions i want?

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