Rosserial cannot transfer data or only once.

asked 2017-12-28 00:25:39 -0500

Lacdires gravatar image

Hi, I want to run a ros package ( ) on upboard and transfer data to my stm32f429 discovery board. I write my program use keil c, so I use an arduino and rosserial to subscribe topics then transfer to stm32f429, but it cannot run very well. If the topic's message is geometry/Point and std_msgs/string, I can receive data. If the topic's message is geometry/PoseStamped I cannot receive data, it always prints 0.00 .

I have replaced arduino to stm32 which is use mbed program, so now it look like

upboard(run ros) -----> stm32(mbed) -----> stm32(keil c)

It can run in low frequency, however, it always only receive first data when I run vrpn_client_ros. So can I solve it?

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