Why stageros is crashing when multiple robots are commanded to move?

asked 2017-12-01 06:07:29 -0500

vishnu gravatar image


I am trying to simulate multiple car-like robots on Stage. I do not want all the robots run at a time, but I should be able to add the robots to the environment whenever I want. To achieve this, I placed 20 robots with laser scanners and 10 without laser scanners at the origin. I have updated the source code of stageros as discussed in this thread and here. By publishing Pose2D on the topic /cmd_pose, I can move any robot to any place.

Now the problem is that when I try to navigate more than 4 robots with laser scanners, stageros is crashing. When it crashes, sometimes it throws the error as "malloc: memory corruption", sometimes "free() invalid next size(): some address", sometimes it simply says "stage[2] process died with exit code -11".

I have used patrolling_sim package where 12 robots with laser scanners run at a time for hours.

Any help in resolving this is very much appreciated.


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