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Dear All. I am using ubuntu 11.04 to install psql 8.4 while following the steps on website: I find two problem. The first one is: I use another user, not root, so I try to modify the file. and psql --username postgres works nice and I can also add the user CREATE ROLE willow LOGIN CREATEDB CREATEROLE PASSWORD 'willow'; I also enable tcp/ip connection # Anybody through TCP/IP with password host all all md5

listen_addresses = '*'

Then I restart my computer. Try step 5.1

willow user can connect locally with password

local all willow md5

ps auxw | grep postgresql sudo kill -HUP xxxx

To check that it is working, try logging into psql on localhost as the new user:

psql --username willow --password --dbname postgres

Then I got the following error:

administrator@ubuntu:/etc/postgresql/8.4/main$ psql --username willow --password --dbname postgres Password for user willow:

psql: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "willow"

Do I need to change back the setting for "listen_addresses = '*'" as comment local host??

The second question is that when I run sudo apt-get install pgadmin3 and pgadmin3

I can not find the menu with

File -> Add Server...

etc only a plug in item is to add a connect to a server. Who can give a detail explanation on how to setup for local server to run PR2 SimpleGraspingDemo.

Best regards. Zhenli Lu

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