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asked 2017-10-29 04:20:17 -0600

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updated 2017-10-29 04:28:34 -0600

Hi everyone :)

I run some scenarios in Gazebo and somethings the planner don't success to plan a path to the destination. I dont know if the problem is in global planner or local planner.

The message is like: "Laser Pose= 2.35701 -0.664491 -0.73663 Registering Scans:Done". This massage appears a lot.

I use the following planners:

  • global: <arg name="base_global_planner" default="navfn/NavfnROS"/>
  • local: <arg name="base_local_planner" default="dwa_local_planner/DWAPlannerROS"/>

Someone may please suggest to me another planner?

Thanks in advance, Matan

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