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Meaning of point cloud colours on the Rviz

asked 2017-10-19 07:52:12 -0500

Mekateng gravatar image

Hi, What is the meaning of the point cloud colours on the Rviz platform. For example, I am obtaining 3d point cloud image on the rviz using laser scanner.But color of the some objects are yellow, some of the color is purple. What is the meaning of this colors?

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do you have any idea?

Mekateng gravatar image Mekateng  ( 2017-10-20 09:57:36 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2022-06-05 07:22:04 -0500

qilin_gundamenjoyer gravatar image

Each point cloud has an x, y, and z value. The z value represents the distance between the sensor and the object. The color is based on the z-value.

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