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robot_localization NaN output

asked 2017-10-16 01:48:47 -0500

MIN LATT gravatar image

updated 2017-10-16 01:59:42 -0500

Hi all, When I execute the robot_localization with the differential mode for odometry data, I received nan value in the /odometry/filtered topic. When I turn on debug mode, I see the following texts. Could you please guide me how to start debugging?

Previous message time was 1507875840.235904932, current message time is 1507875840.269231081, delta is 0.03332614898681640625, velocity is (vX, vY, vZ): (0, 0, 0) (vRoll, vPitch, vYaw): (0, -0, 0) Previous measurement covariance: image description image description

Transformed covariance is [-nan -nan -nan -nan -nan -nan
-nan -nan -nan -nan -nan -nan
-nan -nan -nan -nan -nan -nan
-nan -nan -nan -nan -nan -nan
-nan -nan -nan -nan -nan -nan
-nan -nan -nan -nan -nan -nan ]

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answered 2017-11-04 11:23:25 -0500

Ed Venator gravatar image

I suspect your very high measurement variances are causing singularities in the Kalman filter. Make sure the input covariances are reasonable (see ).

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Hi Ed Venator, Thanks a lot for your answer. I changed the variances and it works.

MIN LATT gravatar image MIN LATT  ( 2017-11-09 20:00:55 -0500 )edit

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