Hokuyo ust-10lx on ethernet solved but wifi not available

asked 2017-10-03 04:01:49 -0600

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Dear All

In order to connect the Hokyuyo-ust-10lx on ethernet we followed the instructions from Sup Premvuti (included below in case somebody may want to use it as well):

Please try the following steps. (1) Use a Windows PC or Laptop and use its Ethernet port directly. (2) Set the property of your Ethernet port TCP/IP4 to the following. (Do not select 'Obtain an IP address automatically') IP Address Subnet Mask (correspond à /24) Default Gateway The laser scanner and the PC have to be on the same net, e.g. 192.168.0.XX. For this step, we put the PC on The default IP address of the laser scanner is and port number is 10940. (3) Connect the laser scanner to the Ethernet port of the PC.(4) Run URG Benri.

and it works perfectly. However we lost the Wifi connectivity, somebody can tell us how to recover it?

Thank you very much


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