Turtlebot without Kobuki: Where to start?

asked 2017-09-01 07:24:27 -0500

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I have a home-made robot base, inspired on the Kobuki base - but bigger and stronger. This also means there is non-Kobuki hardware built in. This hardware can be controlled in ROS via an Arduino.

The idea is to run the ROS Turtlebot software, using my own robot base instead of Kobuki. After reading a lot of documentation and internet pages, I started to wonder where to start. To what extent is it possible to create a robot that functions as good and accurate as the Turtlebot with the Kobuki base? Just letting my own base imitate the Kobuki base wouldn't be sufficient since the Turtebot software uses Kobuki specific hardware values? If so: (Where) can I edit this Turtlebot software?

Or should I stop bothering with Turtlebot and work directly from the base ROS packages? This will mean I have to write all the software included in the Turtlebot package myself - which seems pretty hard and a lot of work to me.

I know this are a lot of questions, any help to clear the confusion would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I already found the following pages which give me a direction where to go from here, but not quite specific enough for me to answer the questions above:

page about custom hardware and turtlebot, and page about using Turtlebot without Kobuki

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