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Ros nodes port number

asked 2017-08-07 09:16:25 -0500

ros_a gravatar image

Our application has multiple nodes and currently ROS assign node numbers by default.

Since our application is going to be in public domain I would like to limit the number of ROS node port numbers thats being created.

For example:- I would like to setup something like all my ROS nodes should use port numbers between 3000-4000.

Is there any specification that I can use?

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answered 2017-08-07 09:56:48 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

updated 2017-08-07 10:00:19 -0500

This has been asked before and as far as I know this is not possible.

ROS uses the regular TCP/IP stack of your OS and does not do anything special to request specific ports.

You could see whether limiting the ephemeral port range used by Linux works, but know that limiting it as you are suggesting can potentially lead to problems.

Edit: see #q12206 for a related / basically a duplicate of this question.


Since our application is going to be in public domain [..]

do you mean public domain as in licensing, or on a publicly accessible IP?

If the latter: you probably already know, but there is no security (ie: authentication, auditing, encryption, etc) in ROS1, so make sure you take sufficient measures to protect your infrastructure.

Would a VPN not work?

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Right, we are currently running on a VPN but just want to see if we can limit the port creation..Thanks for your response.

ros_a gravatar image ros_a  ( 2017-08-07 10:02:53 -0500 )edit

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