how change PID gain for Testing the ArbotiX joint trajectory action controllers in simulation [closed]

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i run this commands in section 11.16.1 (Testing the ArbotiX joint trajectory action controllers in simulation) of ros by example volume 2 book

roslaunch rbx2_bringup pi_robot_with_gripper.launch sim:=true

rosrun rviz rviz -d `rospack find rbx2_arm_nav`/config/arm_sim.rviz 

rosrun rbx2_arm_nav _reset:=false _sync:=true

i want change gain PID and plot in rqt for this example how can i do that

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Closing. This is a crosspost and is better answered in the book's forum.

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In addition, please refrain from crossposting as the support guideline asks.

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ok . i always got warning inestaed answer !

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