Robot model gazebo does not move

asked 2017-08-02 01:32:18 -0600

acp gravatar image

I have made a new model from scratch, I have followed the following tutorial.

In Gazebo, I have tried to run the robot with:

rosrun turtlesim turtle_teleop_key /turtle1/cmd_vel:=/awctest/cmd_vel


rosrun turtlebot_teleop turtlebot_teleop_key /turtlebot_teleop/cmd_vel:=/awctest/cmd_vel

And, In Gazebo under "world/Models/awctest/left_wheel" I can see the the wheels are moving the frame when I press the keys; forward, backward and so ford, but the robot doesnt move at all.

Do you think I shall uninstall and install Gazebo?? or what can be wrong?

I appreciate any help :)

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