How to subscribe the octomap msgs and use it for 3d path planning?

asked 2017-07-29 16:21:42 -0600

Annaiyan gravatar image

I would like to use the octomap which is generating online for the 3d path planning. I have the topic /octomap_full, /octomap_binary. Now i want to subscribe the message and use the data for the path planning. for example,

void Prp::handleSetOctomap(const octomap_msgs::OctomapConstPtr& msg)
// read all the message info here //

without using the navigation package plugin, i want to read all the data from the topic!

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Did you finally solve this?

kosmastsk gravatar imagekosmastsk ( 2019-03-22 06:45:18 -0600 )edit