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After I have my workspace set up, how do I integrate a package or install one that another user has created?

asked 2017-06-23 12:37:17 -0500

xiswitchx gravatar image

updated 2017-06-23 12:49:19 -0500

I am new to ROS but I am trying to install a package that has already been created. I'm just not sure where do I find these packages or how to install them. Or can someone tell me where in the tutorial does it state how to integrate a package. I saw how to create one but haven't run into the part where they show you how to install or locate a package. Thank you in advance

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answered 2017-06-23 13:21:55 -0500

gvdhoorn gravatar image

See if #q208963, #q252478 or #q240235 clarify things.

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Asked: 2017-06-23 12:37:17 -0500

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