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Will rosjava be supported on Lunar and future releases?

asked 2017-06-12 11:48:05 -0600

coolbeans gravatar image

updated 2017-06-12 13:39:12 -0600

I found some articles on REST services using rosjava and would like to know the feasibility of this using the latest ROS releases and latest Ubuntu releases.

Per , Lunar does not support rosjava. Will this be the same for future releases? If rosjava is no longer supported, are there examples for roscpp to support REST services?

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answered 2017-10-10 15:31:57 -0600

jubeira gravatar image

@coolbeans if you want to try those REST services in Lunar / Ubuntu 17, I'd try using rosjava from source: . As far as I understand, it should work -perhaps you will need to rebuild some messages if the version changes from Kinetic to Lunar, or similar compatibility issues-.

Supporting Lunar is not in the roadmap, but the next release associated with a LTS version might be supported in the future.

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